Our farms are located in Oyo state, Nigeria. We currently operate on over 1000 acres of land with plans for expansion in the near future. Our farm includes:

AtmanCorp Agriculture is dedicated to the empowerment of local farmers as well as the local community. That is why we have developed a variety of programs, some of which include:

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AtmanCorp Agriculture

AtmanCorp Agriculture is dedicated to using advance agricultural practices and local resources to produce agricultural products for Nigeria’s growing population.

We are dedicated to providing food solutions grown in Nigeria to feed Nigeria's population. Our products include Cassava, Maize, Fish, and others. 

Agricultural Research and Development
We work with universities, consultants, and experts around the world to harvest the best agricultural solutions specific to Nigeria. We also have land dedicated to experimentation and research.
Mechanized Farming
We employ the use of farm mechanization to increase the scalability and productivity of our operations.  Some of our equipment includes:  Massey Ferguson Tractors -2 ea; Catepillar D6C Dozer -1 ea; Plow -3 ea; Harrow - 2 ea; Ridger - 1 ea; Pickup Trucks - 3 ea; Cassava Flour Processing with Flash Dryer (1 ton/hour finished product); Water Well Drilling Rig; 70 kVA and 297 kVA Generators 

Value Added Agriculture
We provide value-added agriculture by processing crops into products. We currently process cassava into Garri with plans to begin starch and glucose production by 2015.