AtmanCorp Technical Solutions

Our goal is to provide African businesses access to technical solutions that will maximize their potential. We intend to help them compete on a global level while maximizing benefit to the environment and its citizens.

We are here so that you can stay productive!

Don't let broken equipment eat away at your profits. In today’s ever-changing, competitive market, it is as important as ever to always stay productive. We keep various parts, in stock, so that you can be prepared when those emergencies happen.

Heavy Equipment Filters
We stock Fuel filters, oil filters, hydraulic filters, air filters for Caterpillar and other heavy-duty construction equipment.

Hydraulic hose solutions

We can replace your damaged hydraulic hose with a new one to whatever length you like. We supply widths of 1/4" to 3" hose.



Blades, bucket teeth, etc
Ground Engaging Tools (GETs), Track/Undercarriage parts, Engine parts for Motor graders, D6, D7, D8, etc. construction equipment.

Industrial Supplies & Equipment sales

We offer industrial supplies such as tools, screws, bolts, solar lights, etc and equipment such as lorries, tractors, dozers, compressors, etc.

Technical Solutions


Don't see what you need? Let us help you find it! We have access to suppliers from around the world. We can help to find a solution that works for you.

With AtmanCorp Technical Solutions you have the advantage of:

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